About Me

I am Paul McMahon, I am based in Belfast, and I have been working and studying as a photographer since 2011.

My recent passions are for cityscapes and architecture, inspired by my visits to European cities both ancient and modern, and it is a constant pleasure to work with others to achieve their vision with portraiture.

If you would like to work with me I'd be delighted to help you in any way I can, whether it's a professional portrait or headshot or something more fun and creative you have in mind. I love covering events also and can supply a fantastic portfolio of images to help you showcase your event at it's best. So please contact me today or read on to hear about my work some more.

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In these few short years I've done a lot; the project I am most proud of recently was working with a local artist on my first audiovisual project to capture his event so that I could help bring his vision to life by adding my photos with his art pieces to create a captivating slideshow of photos, art and glorious music.

I have had several published shoots in a local magazine that I work with. I have worked with our local LGBT charity here in Belfast to create an image for their sexual health awareness campaign. I have had my images used by ArtsEkta for their Mela Festival in Belfast and also by the National Trust for their Festival of Light at Mount Stewart. At Belfast pride in the last few years I have also worked with a local group to bring them pictures for their private events.

I was a member of Ards Camera Club for two years, which developed my portfolio before moving on to find my own direction. Before I left I was awarded a top prize with NIPA (Northern Ireland Photographic Association) for one of my digital images. Having explored my own interests more I feel I am now ready to start applying myself to the craft of creating art prints again and have applied for an assessment with the Royal Photographic Society.

I achieved a high degree of success getting an A* in GCSE Photography initially and I was keen to take my academic qualifications further but sadly the A-Level course was discontinued. It was frustrating to not have the chance to continue my work, however, I came away from the experience with so many photos that I loved and I have since pursued other avenues to further my skills and expertise. Overcoming this setback has led me to work harder on my own direction and portfolio, and drives me to create the best images I can today.

I'm incredibly excited for the future and I hope that you will be there with me so please contact me today and let’s get started on working together.

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